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Recipe for homemade antiseptic spray & anti-bug spray

Antiseptic Spray Ingredients: 15 ml of calendula infused oil (usually jojoba oil) 15 drops of teatree or manuka essential oil (strong antibacterial) 15 drops of lavender essential oil (antibacterial and painkiller) 12 drops of cypress essential oil (stop bleeding) Mix … Continue reading

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Montenegro and Puglia – Remaining Hidden Jewels in Europe

This is a long-overdue writing on one of my most memorable travels to less explored part of Europe in 2010. Why Montenegro and Puglia? Have you seen the “best” ever made James Bond’s movie, Casino Royale? Supposedly most of the … Continue reading

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Healthy Living – Recipe – Breakfast Drink – Coffee Flavored Cashew Milk

I have a younger sister whose characters are the opposite of me. She is kind and gentle while I am impatient. She takes her time doing her things while I am always in the rush. Interestingly, while opposite in characters, … Continue reading

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A Daytrip to Mount Pangrango, West Java

Earlier this year, a friend introduced me to trail running around Jakarta. That has opened my eyes to the plethora of opportunities in exploring the beautiful surrounding of our beloved town, Jakarta. In the midst of this new excitement, a small … Continue reading

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Living in Jakarta…. and finding it exciting! Part 2 (Day trip to Gunung Salak)

Another exciting find in Jakarta is its surrounding area. Lately, I have been going to Sentul or Bogor in the weekend for some outdoor activities. End of August 2014, a friend asked me to join an activity organized by both … Continue reading

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Living in Jakarta …. and finding it exciting! Part 1 (Pasar Santa)

It has been almost 2 years since I moved back to Jakarta. Surprising to myself, I am finding living here exciting. Especially recently. The past few months, we, Indonesians, have been engaging ourselves (both in our daily and mostly in … Continue reading

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The Sea – Pablo Neruda

THE SEA I need the sea because it teaches me, I don’t know if I learn music or awareness, if it’s a single wave or its vast existence, or only its harsh voice or its shining suggestion of fishes and … Continue reading

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