I am an entrepreneur based in Jakarta, Indonesia with passions to explore the world, near and far, big and small.

After college, I was working in the hectic and busy corporate world, putting work as my number one priority. But at the same time, I always said perhaps foolishly that “I work so I can have my own money to travel wherever I want to”. I did exactly that.

Growing up in a family where an annual family trip together is a tradition, I grew up exploring the unknown and always looking forward to find new exciting things to learn from a trip. My parents, especially my mother who spent years of her childhood having almost nothing, always taught me to not afraid trying out new things. Be that food, experiences, new cultures, or anything. Just so I know and I learn. I will not know whether I like something or not until I try it. And I can put things to better perspective if I have tried many things. Little that she knew I would go way beyond her comfort zone in applying that.

So finding new experiences form a large part of my thirty-something years so far. Be that in the form of new countries, new hobbies, new food, other cultures, and even spiritual beliefs.

I left the corporate world in 2009. Since then, I have been “working on my own”. I feel that I am fortunate enough to experience many things and maybe through this blog, I can share some of those to others.

My passions (if I can use such word…maybe more later if I have a chance to explain on meditation) currently are contemporary and modern arts or any forms of arts in particular Indonesian arts, wines, trail running (not a great runner but I truly love the activity), healthy-living, food, and travelling.


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