Ode to Trail Running

December 18, 2015

To: trail running

How Do I Love Thee
Let me count the ways….
I love thee to every drop of sweat and dirt and aches my body can feel, when being one in nature…
for then I feel most free and at peace

I love thee to the unexpected twist and turn of a trail, to the sheer excitement of a downhill and to my cramping calf
I love thee even during a rainstorm and of course on a sunny day

I love thee during my long solitude run when every inhale and exhale is carefully noticed and counted and every step leads to a more peaceful state…
or when my steps unknowingly match the beat of my iTunes music

I also love to share thee among friends, old and new, a stranger or a lover, since every word and story shared makes thee even more enthralling

But I love thee most during my long darkest hour when I almost lose faith and my body is broken down then a glimpse of breathtaking view once again makes me love thee more than ever


About ckjojo

active traveller and entrepreneur
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