Recipe for home-made electrolytes drink


1.5litre of water

a few pinches of rock salt (I use Himalayan pink salts – tastes better and contains more mineral)

3 spoonfuls of honey

juice from half lemon

Optional: half a glass of mixed fruit juice

Mix all the ingredients before the trip and put it into hydration bladder.

Another tip: If running in hot weather, after filling my hydration bladder with water/electrolyte drink, I put it in the freezer overnight. This will turn into ice which will surely melt during the run and will ensure some ice-cold drink throughout my run to cool me down.

Recipe for homemade antiseptic spray:

15 ml of calendula infused oil (usually jojoba oil)

15 drops of teatree or manuka essential oil (strong antibacterial)

15 drops of lavender essential oil (antibacterial and painkiller)

12 drops of cypress essential oil (stop bleeding)

Mix together and keep in a colored glass container. I use this mixture when I got a really deep cut on my shin hours before my hiking trip to the Alps. Not only this has helped my wound to heal fast and nicely, I experienced almost no pains on the cut the whole time. I suspect the calming effect of the lavender really helped.

Recipe for homemade anti bug spray:

30 ml of purified water

2 tablespoon of vodka

30-40 drops of mixture of the following essential oils: rosemary, clove, lavender, lemongrass, geranium, peppermint and eucalyptus

This is also a refreshing spray which freshens me up before any runs.


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